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 "Let The Blood Do The Talking "

New CD

Let The Blood Do The Talking 

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1. Jesus And Jessie James 

2. Let The Blood Do The Talkin

3. Let's Talk About Heaven 

4. Window Up Above 

5. Traveling Preacher Man 

6. Blues Man 

7. Talk To Jesus

8. Tell Me What It Is 

9. It's Over

10. Country To The Bone

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Let The Blood Do The Talkin (CD) $15.00 Plus $3.00 For Shipping

He's Shaking The Walls 

1. I Got You 

2. Homeless Man 

3. Preacher Was Right 

4. Do You Know Me 

5. Where Tears Won't Fall 

6. He's Shaking The Walls 

7. Tell Me The End 

8. Heal My Broken Heart 

9. I'm Going Up 

10. I Believe

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He's Shaking The Walls (CD) $15.00 Plus $3.00 For Shipping

Better Than New 

1. Feed My Sheep 

2. Go Close The Window 

3. Swingin' Doors

4. Granny Did 

5. I'm Not Going To Fall To Pieces

6. Does Jesus Ever Cross Your Heart

7. Better Then New 

8. Look To Him 

9. The Deal Is Still On 

10. It's Coming Down 

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Better Than New (CD) $15.00 Plus $3.00 For Shipping

Country Music Got Saved

1. My Fathers Keeping It For Me 

2. Country Music Got Saved 

3. When I'm Down On My Knees 

4. Heaven Prepared For Me

5. Touch By The Fire 

6. God Will Give 

7. Get Right Or Be Left 

8. Living By Faith 

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Country Music Got Saved  (CD) $15.00 Plus $3.00 For Shipping

If You Purchase All 3 Cd' You Will Also Get An Autograph Picture 

To Order All 3 CD's Please Order Here 

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